How to Take a Course With Us

Our courses are designed for any person who wants to gain tools for worker organising in Scotland, understand the principles of trades unions, or learn about how in Scotland the seeimgly powerless have stood up for themselves throughout history. You don’t need any prior education or knowledge to start a course with us – please get in touch if you are unsure whether a course is for you.

Courses vary in length and you can find more information on each individual course page. Some will take as little as an hour to complete, others may take several evenings. 



Pick a course and register.

You will be prompted to log in or create an account.

You should also fill in the form on the course front page.


We will enroll you on the course at our end.

Then get started, working through the sections at your own pace.

You can leave the course and come back to it whenever you want.



Complete the submissions

Each section of the course will require a short submission, such as your thoughts on the subject, some writing, or some investigation.

These are not arduous pieces of ‘coursework’ but are a way to have a chat with course tutors about the subjects covered. We bring together some of this work into short publications, and help students develop ideas into blog posts and social media posts.



Complete the course.

Get a certificate and feedback.

Tutors will discuss with you where you might want to take your skills training and development from here.