About Us

The 2021 Sma’ Shot Education Programme is supported by the Young Workers Project through the Scottish Trades Union Congress.

We work with Better than Zero, the Scottish Tourism Workers League, the Workers Observatory and the Society of Cadies to provide training to young workers and precarious workers.

We are offering a range of short-courses through 2021.

The co-ordinator is Dr. Amy Westwell, and course instructors include Dr. Paul Malgrati and Cailean Gallagher.

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Dr. Amy Tait Westwell

Amy is a historian of political thought at St Andrews and a freelance education worker. In 2019 she ran a series of organising workshops for precarious workers, culminating in a residential summer school. In 2020 she consulted for Better than Zero on the response to Covid-19, training new organisers and providing support to the Cineworld Action Group and the Scottish Tourism Workers League. Amy set up the Sma Shot School to provide workers education online during the pandemic, and in 2021 ran the Workers Reunion project, a volunteer organising drive in retail and hospitality on the lifting of lockdown.

Dr. Paul Malgrati



Paul researches Scottish literature and culture, teaching at the University of Glasgow. He was shortlisted for the Edwin Morgan Poetry Prize.


Cailean Gallagher

Cailean has worked in trade union organising since 2015. He was the first organiser at the CSP union, then became an officer at the Scottish Trades Union Congress responsible for organising, including coordinating the Better than Zero campaign and its education wing, the Young Workers Project. As an administrator of the Union Modernisation Fund he seeded and supported projects in cinemas, the tech industry, video games, fast food, and many other sectors, all of which were experimental, and all enduring in some form today, and in 2020 he established the Workers’ Observatory. Before his union work he worked for Yes Scotland. He is also a historian of political thought and of labour.